Can you do this with your CME webinars?

Find out just how flexible your CME webinars can be! Rievent makes it easy to repurpose your webinars into on-demand individual activities or activity packages.

There’s a lot you can do with one webinar.

Most CME administrators will offer a live webinar as a single activity. Live webinars are a great option for learners who are available when the webinar happens.

They’re not so great for learners with tighter schedules or learners who aren’t aware of the webinar at all.

But that’s ok. There are other ways for learners to earn CME credit from the same webinar.

Repurpose your existing webinars

Do you have one or more recorded CME webinars?

Rievent makes it easy to repurpose these into enduring activities, so learners have an on-demand option. Admins simply upload the recorded webinars using the drag-and-drop uploader and Rievent takes care of all the rest, including the video hosting and viewing optimization.

Webinars-turned-enduring activities are great options for learners who weren’t able to attend the webinar or didn’t know it was happening!

Podcast CME or “audio only” webinars

Just want to upload the audio for your webinar? You can do that, too!

Recent platform enhancements include support for Podcast CME. Now you can offer webinars as a standalone video or as an audio-only activity.

This could be a great option for providers looking to reach learners who are truly on the go. Maybe some of your webinars can be effectively delivered with only the audio. Or maybe you want to keep the audio separate from the presentation slides so that learners can continue listening while they’re away from their office computer.

Whatever the case, it’s easy to upload your webinar audio files – individually or as bundles – using Rievent.

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