About Rievent Technologies

Eighteen years ago, we recognized a pressing need for Web-based continuing professional education software.

At the time, continuing medical education (CME) providers were bogged down with burdensome administration and had access to little, if any, valuable data on activity performance. Paper-based records were the norm, and CME stakeholders spent many hours performing tasks that technology could automate.

When we launched the Rievent Platform, there was no concept of the “cloud,” and the term “software-as-a-service,” or SaaS, had barely entered the lexicon. But that’s what we were – and still are! – a SaaS solution that enables CE providers in any industry to build, deliver, and manage continuing education activities.

A lot has changed in the eighteen years we’ve been in business, and we’re constantly innovating in response to the growing demand for flexible, interactive CE experiences. If you’re ready to learn more about how Rievent Platform can benefit your organization, contact us today!