5-Minute JA-PARS Reporting is Here

Finish your JA-PARS reports in less time than it takes to brew a pot of coffee.

Why make reporting harder than it has to be?

Preparing year-end reports is time consuming when you’re buried in spreadsheets and burdened by data entry.

And when you’re preparing JA-PARS reports, which include data required by multiple reporting bodies, it’s especially time consuming.

There are so many ways you could spend your time if you weren’t stuck pasting data into spreadsheets: analyzing activity data, brainstorming new activities, enhancing activities based on learner feedback… it’s a long list!

We think JA-PARS reporting should be simple.

That’s why Rievent will soon include the same JA-PARS features that have long been our mainstay for standard ACCME PARS reporting.

Instead of spreadsheets and data entry, you just download one file, one time. Instead of spending hours on a report, you only have to set aside five minutes.

Here’s how Rievent’s JA-PARS reporting works:

There are no more steps. That’s it! When we say 5-minute reporting, we mean it.

Although you might be able to finish in 3 minutes, if you’re fast.

Does this process look familiar to you?

For well over a decade, our ACCME PARS reporting has worked exactly the same way as JA-PARS reports.

A few years ago, we also added reporting features for ANCC NARS, not to mention a real-time web service for automated reporting to the ACPE.

At Rievent, we’re dedicated to helping CME and CE providers avoid burdensome year-end reporting administration. Our JA-PARS reporting features are simply the latest way we’re helping to make that happen.

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